From the initial Partnering Session to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony,
GMA’s process drives value for our clients, trade partners,
and the communities we build for.

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GMA starts each project with a long-term partnering goal, working hand-in-hand with the entire project team because we understand that success depends on collaboration.

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One of our key differentiators is our ability to provide accurate and consistent cost models throughout the design process so that our clients can account for every dollar spent.

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Our collaborative process includes design studies, systems analysis, and constructability reviews to ensure pricing is accurate and the design intent can be achieved.

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We work with our trade partners to plan every minute of a construction project, ensuring that the most effective path is developed in consideration of the entire project team.

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No phase of our operations is of greater importance than safety and security. We implement robust preventative measures designed to focus on building safely first and foremost.

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Throughout the entire course of the project, GMA facilitates organized communications designed to keep the entire project up-to-date on progress and quality expectations.

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GMA aggressively manages the close-out process including thorough inspections to ensure a high-quality finished product and a turn-over process that equips users with information for the long-term.

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GMA celebrates with the entire project team, acknowledging the teamwork required to get to the finish line and the benefit the facility will provide for its users.