GMA Success Story: Demond King of King's Electrical Services


At GMA Construction Group, we are dedicated to developing people that will transform communities. In conjunction with the Illinois Tollway and GMA’s Technical Assistance Program we have been able to transform businesses that in return impact our communities. Below is a testimonial from King's Electrical Services founder, Demond King, about how GMA Construction Group has had an impact on his business endeavors.

"When I started King’s Electrical Services I had the same fears and uncertainties that anyone starting a new venture would have. But with the advice, mentoring and strong commitment from Cornelius Griggs and the GMA/Tollway assistance program, I am experiencing unmeasurable success. From getting my first line of credit, being qualified for a performance bond and giving my company its first contract, GMA has been there every step of the way. This program works and I’m truly grateful to be a part of it."

- King’s Electrical Services Founder, Demond King

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