GMA PROMOTION: Kevin Meagher promoted to Assistant Project Manager

Photo by Brittany Harthan

Kevin’s journey to APM started in 2016 when he left his position as Executive Chef at the University of Chicago to attend Kennedy King College/Dawson Technical Institute in pursuit of a degree in Construction Management. Kevin’s professor, Cornelius Griggs, further inspired his interest in construction and subsequently hired him as an intern and then a full-time Project Engineer at GMA.

Since joining GMA, Kevin has worked on many projects including the recently completed C4 Office Renovation project for IFF. His achievements at GMA come with high praise for his hard work, dedication and the ability to learn on the job.

“I am truly grateful for my time here at GMA and all the great people I am surrounded with and look forward to many years of success. It goes to show that it doesn’t matter what you did before or how old you are, if you put your head down, work hard and stay dedicated anyone can be successful in what they do.”